The beaches in the far north of Scotland are some of the cleanest and most scenic in the country

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The beaches at Dornoch,  Golspie and Brora, are easily accessible to open and surprisingly secluded sandy beaches.  The Links at Dornoch, giving onto one of the most beautiful beaches of the East coast, are famous for their Royal championship golf course. The little village of Embo stands right on the sands with lovely walks either at the water’s edge or along the rolling dunes.

Continuing north from Helmsdale, the coast turns to into the dramatic and beautiful cliffs of East Caithness, which give way eventually to the wide sweep of Sinclairs Bay to the North of Wick, the county town.  At each end of the bay stand the ancient remains of the guardians of this coast, the cliff top castles of Sinclair Girnigoe,  Keiss and  Buchollie a reminder of the rich turbulent history of this remarkable area.

Access is easy from the golf course at Reiss, the villages of Ackergill, Keiss and Freswick.

The beaches of the North Coast are a delight for the beachcomber.  John O’Groats and Murkle yield the little cowrie shells known locally as ”Groatie buckies”.

Dunnet Bay, in the lee of the magnificent red sandstone cliffs of Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on the British mainland, is a dramatic and beautiful bay, its rolling dunes and sands boasting a profusion of coastal flowers in spring and summer.  Visit the Seadrift centre a little to the west of Dunnet village.  This is run by the local ranger service who organise events and walks throughout the year. 

The town of Thurso is another must visit for those pursuing watersport adventures. Known as Scotland’s surfing capital, Thurso’s incredibly fast reef and beach breaks attract world-class surfing competitions and fans from all over the world.

West of Thurso the landscape gives way to a more rugged, wild moorland scene, but the beaches, all evident from the road are some of the most romantically beautiful in Europe. Melvich and Bettyhill,  stand at the outflow of the rivers Halladale and Naver.

For the really adventurous, take the ferry crossing to the Cape Wrath area, the ultimate goal for the beach lover has to be Sandwood Bay.  

Photos on this page by Wendy Sutherland, Lisa Weller, James Gunn, David Graham Scott.

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