Peedie Prints

My name is Fiona McDonald, and I am Peedie Prints.

I started Peedie Prints with Handprint trees, which I created after trying to find something special, bespoke and unique for Fathers Day for my husband from my son. After not finding exactly what I was after, I decided to make it, one Handprint, scanned and shrunk, copied over and over and recoloured and each one placed individually on a tree trunk (which my own Dad created), creating a totally unique tree, I have slowly moved into using fabrics in crafts, framed fabrics and now mainly bags and cushions.

I love making individual items, useful items, beautiful items, I love working with quality fabrics and never over producing, creating with time and care, which I hope shows in my products.


Peedie Prints
KW14 8YD

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