Yarrows Archeaological Trail

10,000 years to explore in an afternoon.

The Yarrows Trail is a circular archaeological trail that begins and ends at a car park. To walk the trail chronologically it is best walk the trail in an anti-clockwise direction by crossing the road from the car park and ascending to South Yarrows North chambered cairn.

Display panels will have information on individual monuments.

The area of the Yarrows basin has one of the richest unbroken sequences of prehistoric remains, from the Mesolithic site at Oliclett, the Neolithic chambered tombs of Yarrows itself,  Bronze Age hut circles and stone rows, a broch on the water’s edge and more discoveries coming to light each year. 

The area includes a laid path around some of the principal monuments on the south side of the Loch of Yarrows.   This is a circular walk which will take 1 ½ hours.  Some boggy areas, so good waterproof footwear is advised.

The principal  monuments were excavated 150 years ago by Dr Joseph Anderson, and the great Alexander Rhind  preceded him in the work.