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The area of Rosehall is a peaceful haven in the centre of Sutherland with an abundance of walks, wildlife and stunning natural surroundings.
Rosehall image: Cassley Falls - wide low waterfall surrounded by trees.Rosehall image: snow-dotted mountains in distance across wide open landscapeRosehall image: Small herd of red deer look at photographer on rough tufted groundRosehall image: abandoned cottage at the side of a remote wild riverRosehall image: salmon leaping against powerful white waterRosehall image: frozen river with snow covering its banks

Situated at the joining of the rivers Oykel and Cassley to the Kyle of Sutherland, Rosehall is well known for its beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings.


Both the Oykel and Cassley are well-established salmon rivers and managed by the Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries. Historically the Oykel was known to the Vikings as Ekkjal and marked the boundary between the ancient Pictish province of Cat (Caithness and Sutherland) and the province of Ross.

The river Cassley is also known for its stunning waterfall; the Achness (or Cassley) Falls, whose name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic Ach-an-eas meaning “field of the waterfall”. At certain times of the year it is possible to watch the spectacular sight of salmon leaping these falls as part of their journey from the sea to return to their spawning grounds upriver. There is a lovely walk available to these falls through the Rosehall woods which begins at the Rosehall Forestry Commission carpark.

The Rosehall Trails contain a network of linked paths that are suitable for walking and are the perfect way to take in some of the local scenery and wildlife. Information is available online and also at the community built log-cabin which marks the start of the trails.

Rosehall Trails with dog

Another beautiful area for walking is Ravens Rock Gorge which until recently featured a circular route, unfortunately lost to landslides, and now consists of two routes; one into the gorge and the other to the viewpoints above, returning by the same path.

An illustrated map of the paths in the area, and some sites of historical interest, can be viewed here.

You can access free online OS Maps routes created by users which offer some ideas on walking and cycling routes here.

Take a drive along the 11 miles of Glen Cassley alongside the Upper Cassley, through woodland and open glens to the base of Ben More Assynt and look out for the amazing range of wildlife and bird species that can be found there.

Rosehall Black Grouse in Glen Cassley


Rosehall itself is a small rural village with a hotel/pub, a play park, village hall, tea room and stores (with wi-fi) a primary school and two churches. There are a variety of accommodation options in the area suitable for those travelling the North Coast 500 route or looking to base themselves in the area.

For more information on the Rosehall village and area you can visit the Rosehall Community Day website.

Rosehall Village


Rosehall estate was once owned by the 2nd Duke of Westminster in the late 1920s and famously decorated by French fashion designer Coco Chanel; the only known Scottish location to have this distinction. The house has been uninhabited since 1967 and is currently privately owned and not available for public viewing.


Rosehall is well-situated to access all areas of Sutherland due to its central location and the perfect place to stay off the beaten track.

To the east of Rosehall are the communities of Lairg and Bonar Bridge, and beyond them the east coast of Sutherland with stunning beaches, castles and golf courses.

To the west of Rosehall is the scenic area of Knockan Crag, Inchnadamph and the road to the west, leading to you to more famous beaches, stunning scenery and the communities of Lochinver and Scourie.

Ardvreck Castle west of Rosehall

Photos on this page by Tracey Smith.

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