Inspired by Caithness

Creating delightful and distinctive home accessories and giftware by fusing digital art with the vibrant heritage of Caithness.

Inspired by CaithnessInspired by CaithnessInspired by CaithnessInspired by Caithness

Armed with perfectionist tendencies and a passion for Caithness, business owner and designer - Lisa Poulsen, is relishing her surrounding natural beauty from its captivating coastlines to its cultural charm. These elements inspire her digital illustrations which then become professionally printed wall art, cushions and greeting cards. Using luxurious materials she aims to create exclusively designed items to be proud of.


Our Fine County design features the official Caithness tartan alongside lyrics from the well known song 'Come Over The Ord' by Donald Sutherland. You will also find local Caithness dialect featured in our very popular 'Kaitness Hoosie' range which incorporates the heartwarming poem 'Div Ye Mind?' by John Horne.”

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Lisa Poulsen

6, Sweyn Road,
KW14 7NW

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